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Sheffield Hypnotherapists by Pipspeak Hypnotherapy. I am a well trained hypnotherapist with years of experience in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. I offer professional therapy to numerous kinds of clients dealing with various physical and psychological conditions. The distinguishing feature of my hypnotherapy is my friendly and easy atmosphere. I prepare the clients beforehand and all of their queries are satisfied. I make sure my clients are comfortable when their subconscious is ready to surface. The patients subconscious is brought to the surface creating a heightened sense of awareness and receptiveness. I work with the clients subconscious to bring about change in the clients current way of thinking.. Thus I guide the brain to change the ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient.

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About Sheffield Hypnotherapists

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way of stimulating a progressive and categorical change in your life. The technique starts with the relaxation of your mind and then deep concentration and focused attention to uncover the subconscious state of mind. The client is in a deep sleep-like state called trance. The client is completely under the control of the hypnotherapist who helps in stimulating new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings and eradicating the undesired ones.

Sheffield Hypnotherapists Services

At Sheffield Hypnotherapists by Pipspeak Hypnotherapy, I offer quality professional and personalized hypnotherapy services to help you take back control over your own mind. Whether you would like to deal with a complex personal issue or simply give up smoking, my therapy is speedy and goal oriented. Here are some of the issues I can help you cope with:
  • Weight Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Exam Nervousness
  • Emotional Issues
  • Addictions

Why Choose Me?

From the initial consultation to the completion of therapy, I pride myself in developing a strategy that will be individually designed to help you understand and beat the root cause of the problem. I have successfully helped thousands of clients take control of their lives and start living life to the fullest.

Following are some of my key features:

Highly Professional Staff

I can deal with all kinds of clients and help them sort out problems of any scale or extent.

Confidentiality and Comfort

The therapy is done in safe, private and relaxed environment in which any type of problem can be easily eradicated from your mind and body. I understand the confidentiality of my clients and highly value the trust shown to me.

Free Consultation

I provide free of cost initial consultation for those who are new to hypnotherapy. I take pride in having our clients’ trust in me.


My services are affordable with absolutely no compromise on quality and effectiveness. We facilitate our clients by keeps the prices to the minimum.

About Pipspeak Hypnotherapy

I am a qualifed (GHR) registered hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner with a background of paediatric/adult nursing. I have an enthusiasm for keeping fit and running, winning many prizes over the years for my performance. I specialise in weight loss management, smoking cessation, pain management, performance enhancement and past life regression. My approach is is empathic, professional and friendly and will hopefully put you at ease. I am commited to help you reach your true potential and personal goals. My style is tailor made to suit your individual needs, which is most likely to produce a positive outcome using my acquired skills in the above field. I, the hypnotherapist, will act as your guide to help you acheive this success in resolving issues and problems, allowing you to tap into your own resources.

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